LIFE PLANNING. focus and freedom.

You already hold the keys to a life of focus and freedom. Together, we'll chart your life's crucial moments, mine your core talents, prioritize your values and state your life mission with clarity. We'll spend two full days working together. 

After those two days, we'll continue to work together. I'll be your coach, helping you carry out the action plan you created over our two days together. Then, we'll connect online for an hour and a half, every month for six months. You'll find focus and freedom, the life focus and freedom God created you to live.

LEADERSHIP COACHING. from the inside out.

A better you is a better leader. We'll go beyond technique to understand, celebrate and call the best out of the "true you." The "you" God created to lead with care and other-centeredness. Imagine the increased movement of those you're leading, when they know they are cared for and trusted. We'll engage the journey online for an hour and a half, every month for four months.

CONSULTING & TRAINING. perspective and process.

Let's define and initiate strategy. We'll gain honest perspective on your church, non-profit or business and/or your teams, bringing focus to your action plan and training. You'll soar with a unified team, strategy and vision. We'll take two - three full days together to thoroughly seek what's true and move to action. 

Let's make the experience of those you serve excellent. I'll visit your church - or any organization - to help you discover a fresh awareness regarding the guest/customer service experience you and your teams are providing. We'll review practical, doable recommendations to make you excellent and your guests know they belong. This will be a one to two day visit.

Let's get intentional about practical training. Your entire team will engage in interactive training, that will call the best out of them, so they can give the best to your guests. Imagine people who know they matter - returning consistently, contributing to your mission and inviting others to join them. We'll spend the better part of a day - four to seven hours - working together for complete ownership of your vision.