Relational leaders can be in meetings all day and still never be visible to the majority of the people they lead. Being human to other human beings means being available and accessible to your teams.

It's not difficult, but it takes a little time. It doesn't require high capacity memory, but it does require genuine curiosity.

As leaders we want to prove ourselves. We want others we're leading to know we're competent. We want them to believe we not only know where we're going, but how to get there. And we want to prove we're trustworthy.  But in our effort to prove we've "got it," we often end up alienating the people we're supposed to be leading.  You've got to figure out how to make more room at your table - at your leadership table.

Relational Leadership 2 In the second installment in Relational Leadership, Mark reveals a topic he's still working to improve. Whether you're leading a company, a church or a home, this aspect of being human with other human beings (what Mark defines as Relational Leadership) is core to healthy relationships and overall success. Mark Waltz is the founder of Because People Matter and is a Paterson Center certified LifePlan Guide and StratOp Facilitator. He also trains and speaks in areas of customer/guest services, volunteer strategies and leadership.

Leadership is more than getting people to do what you want done. It’s first about people. Leadership is relational.