People matter. Period.

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People need love; they want care; they long for support. And often they don't know who or how to ask for help. 

Truth is, we all need help. We're all broken. We find hope or we despair. We experience trust or a crisis of faith. We help each other or we suffer alone.

Enter the conversation, share ideas, pick up a thought or two. If we don't care - who will?

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Guest services is all about a front door welcome, a cheerful receptionist, a greeter, usher or customer services guru. But it is about so much more.

Guest services isn't so much about growing a church or an organization, it is first and foremost about loving people. 

Guest services is about people. Because they matter. Guest services is about caring for people. Treating them kindly. Serving them graciously. Loving them well. Right where they are. 

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Sometimes you benefit from an outside perspective. 

Mark has spent the past 35 years serving and leading people. While many of those years were focused within the local church, he brings marketplace experience from retail management, as well as career development and training. Regardless of his work or ministry context, he is about investing in people, because he believes people really matter. Think of him as a "people advocate."

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Mark serves as a pastor on the executive team at Granger Community Church where he has served in various leadership roles over the past 17 years, including connections, volunteer strategies, executive leadership and still, a unifying force for staff and volunteers as he remains the onsite guest services practitioner. Today he serves as Executive Pastor of Care Ministries, overseeing the staff responsible for guest experiences and care services. He is passionate about lifting the stigma of mental illness; providing personal care in life transitions; and helping...  Keep reading...