I do what I do because people matter. Period.

This is where I'm supposed to spell out my vast experience and incredible skills to make your life better and make me your hero. But, I'm not your hero. And I've struggled to make sense of my unique contribution and purpose. So, before I say the stuff about how I can help you, here's what's also true about me. 

I've not always embraced my own story. I wanted to deny the painful chapters of my story that I feared made my life too messy and my leadership too weak. Childhood abuse, shame, depression and the desire to quit on life are all part of my story. 

It was in the most painful seasons that I learned to embrace LOVE's relentless pursuit of me, bringing me a deep sense of innate worth and significance. Working through my own LifePlan® a few years ago helped me affirm my commitment to come alongside people - teams and individuals - to help them develop and live out their best, their truest self.

Ultimately, I'm a people advocate. I want to be an advocate for you. 

I really don't like talking about myself, so the next part is written by people who love me and think this is what you might want to know. If you're ready to know more about me, keep reading. 

For 35 years, Mark's life and work have been about people: retail management, employment services, team training, church leadership, consulting and leadership development. It’s been and is all about people. 

Mark is a sought-after trainer, consultant and coach. Churches from England, Canada and across the U.S. have taken their teams and ministry to new levels of hospitality and care through Mark’s practical training. His clear understanding of guests, expertise in team-building and keen eye for excellence call out the best in the people who make up the local church – any local church. Individual leaders are experiencing focus and freedom through Mark’s facilitation and coaching of the Paterson Process LifePlan.

Mark is the author of three books: First Impressions: Creating Wow Experiences in Your ChurchLasting Impressions: From Visiting to Belongingand How to Wow: 101 Meaningful Ways to Make a First Impression. His resources are used in college classrooms, local churches, other non-profits and businesses. They lay a non-negotiable foundation about people: each individual has infinite value and at the same time brings unique value to their sphere of influence. 

Mark most recently served as a pastor at Granger Community Church where he led in various leadership roles over 18 years . His nearly two decades of leadership included connections, volunteer strategies, care ministries and executive leadership. 

Ultimately – in a single sentence – Mark is passionate about connecting broken people to God’s unconditional love, hope and healing. 

Mark has been married to his high school sweetheart, Laura, for over 36 years, and today they are still best friends. Their only child, Liv, married her high school sweetheart, Jacob Alexander, in 2016.


John Ortberg

Author: All the Places to Go and Lead Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, Menlo Park, CA

Mark lays out a vision of church as a place where people discover they can belong and become what they never dreamed. A vision where the voice of the Spirit can be heard in new and fresh ways by people who thought they were spiritually tone-deaf. It’s a vision that might change you, your church, and people who don’t even know God right now.


Tim Sanders

former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo!, Author: Changing the World at Work and Dealstorming

Mark understands the most important element of making any organization (from a business to a church) attractive and sustainable; the Consumer Experience.


Mark Batterson

Author: The Circle Maker and Founding Pastor, National Community Church, Washington, DC

I loved Mark’s first book, First Impressions…Every leader who is serious about getting people connected to their church needs to read this book. Inspirational and practical.”

Some churches I've had the privilege to come alongside: 

C4 Church, Ontario, Canada  

Calvary Church, Grand Rapids, MI

Christ Fellowship, Miami, FL

First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

First Baptist Church, Covington, LA

Fortville Church of the Nazarene, Fortville, IN

Fountain City Wesleyan Church, Richmond, IN

Greenford Christian Church, Greenford, OH

Hoboken Grace Church, Hoboken, NJ

Miami Vineyard Community Church, Miami, FL

Milton Keynes Christian Center, Milton Keynes, UK

Mt Ararat Baptist Church, Stafford, VA

Northstar Church, Panama City, FL

Oak Hills Church, San Antonio, TX

Prairie Lakes Church, Cedar Falls, IA

Rainier View Christian Church, Tacoma, WA

Shepherd Church of the Nazarene, Columbus, OH

South Fellowship Church, Denver, CO

The Salvation Army, Yosemite, CA

Trinity Church, Lansing, MI

True North Church, Augusta, GA

Wabash Friends Church, Wabash, IN

Westover Hills Church, San Antonio, TX

Westside Family Church, Kansas City, MO