LIFE PLANNING. purpose & impact.


You already hold the keys to a life of focus and freedom. You want to make your greatest contribution; you want your life to have impact that will outlive your own life. 

Utilizing the time-tested Paterson LifePlan Process, I'll help you chart your life's crucial moments, mine your core talents, prioritize your values and state your life purpose with clarity. You'll experience eye-opening ahas about who you are - at your core. 

We'll spend two consecutive days working together. Following your LifePlan, I'll be your coach, helping you carry out the action plan you created. We'll connect online for an hour and a half, every month for six months. You'll find focus and freedom, the life focus and freedom God created you to live. A life of purpose and intentionality. 


A better you is a better leader. We'll go beyond technique to understand, celebrate and call the best out of the "true you." The "you" God created to lead with care and other-centeredness. Imagine the increased movement of those you're leading, when they know they are cared for and trusted. Let's develop the caring community that transforms - your staff, your team and your guests or customers.

We'll engage this journey online for an hour and a half, every month for six months.