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Leaders influence.

Leaders are responsible for helping others move from where they are. Leaders are supposed to know where that new place is. Leaders are almost always dealing with change. Change of personnel (staff or volunteers). Change of systems. Change of direction. Change of motivation. Change of outcomes. Change of culture. Change of methods? Change of vision. Change.

If leaders influence, then how do you influence change?

Are you asking yourself any of these questions?

  • How do I understand and act on my responsibility to lead?
  • How do I manage the weight of responsibility, when I lack the authority to carry out my objectives?
  • How do I align staff and/or volunteers with our objectives, mission and values?
  • How do I define and cultivate the culture I want my team and/or church to experience?
  • What does care look like as a leader: for my team? And for me?
  • What do I not see? What am I missing? How do I identify my blind spots?
  • How do I leverage my core strengths and aptitudes for maximum effectiveness?
  • How do I lead change… for those following me, as well as myself?

What if you had not one, but several partners in your journey of leading change? What if you were able to discover your next steps and act on them? What if you had a cohort of people who were traveling with you as peers, while at the same time seeking growth themselves? What if we actually helped each other from our personal strengths, giftedness and learnings?

That’s the simplicity of this Leadership Coaching Cohort for Churches. And it may just be your next step.

Who it’s for:

  • Pastors
  • Directors
  • Team leaders

What it is:

Two one-hour, one-on-one calls: one at the beginning and a second at the close of the coaching cohort journey.

  • Six 90-minute, monthly online coaching units over six months
  • Access to cohort participants via closed Facebook group.
  • Targeted discussions, such as:
    • Relational leadership: when you and/or your team are task-driven
    • Responsibility: identifying what you’re responsible for and what you’re responsible to
    • Care: what it has to do with leadership and how to improve.
    • Culture: shaping it and engaging others in the process
    • Alignment: getting everyone one the same page of values, objectives and mission
    • Challenges: deciphering the challenges of problems, people and patterns
    • Change: navigating the process to celebration

What’s next:

Are you able and willing to invest the time, energy and money for the journey? Here are the details.

  • TIME:
    • Launches the week of June 4
    • 90-minute, online cohort calls each month for six months
    • Read two books over the course of six months
    • Focused work / assignments between online cohort sessions
  • COST:
    • $1,000

Meet your coach, Mark Waltz:

Mark is a people advocate. He believes people have inherent value and worth, period. For 35 years, his life and work have been about people: leading and loving them. Throughout his years of leading in retail management, employment services, team training, local church ministry, consulting and people development, he learned an important key reality: leadership is leadership and people are people. Leadership is first about the leader, beginning on the inside. 

Mark most recently served as a pastor at Granger Community Church, where he led both as Pastor of Connections and Executive Pastor. His nearly 2-decades of leadership included responsibility for guest services, volunteer strategies, care ministries and multi-sites.

He has written about leadership, as well as other aspects of strategic development of people and environments. He is the author of three books: First Impressions: Creating Wow Experiences in Your Church, Lasting Impressions: From Visiting to Belonging and How to Wow: 101 Meaningful Ways to Make a First Impression. His resources are used in college classrooms, local churches, other non-profits and businesses. They lay a non-negotiable foundation about people: each individual has infinite value and at the same time brings unique value to their sphere of influence. 

Mark is a sought-after trainer, consultant and coach. Churches from England, Canada and across the U.S. have taken their teams and ministry to new levels of hospitality and care through Mark’s practical training. His clear understanding of guests, expertise in team-building and keen eye for excellence call out the best in the people who make up the local church – any local church.

Through the Paterson Process, he is guiding individual leaders to new levels of focus and freedom. Focus and freedom that results from their own discovery and implementation through a two-day LifePlan and six-month coaching journey.

Mark has been married to his high school sweetheart, Laura, for over 36 years, and today they are still best friends. Their only child, Liv, married her high school sweetheart, Jacob Alexander, in 2016.