Space for Silence & Wonder

I heard Jason Miller say it this weekend: sometimes in my private worship, I manage to fill the space.

I have the capacity to fill my own silence with noise. I bring the noise.

  • Sometimes I use my iTunes playlist and fill the space with music. It's good noise, but it's noise.
  • On some occasions I bring my own bias to Scripture. I look up verses that I know. That say what I think I need or want to read.
  • Other times I bring my list with me. My "Please God… will you please…?" list.

I'm quiet. I'm alone. I'm listening to Creator-focused music. I'm reading my Bible. I'm praying.

But it's not quite silence. I fill it with my own stuff.

Do I Love Quiet & Hate People?

I've been trying to find the rhythm that honors the way God wired me. I'm an introvert. A connections pastor introvert. I like people. Love people. There's nothing fake in the way I interact with people, particularly around our gatherings as a church.

But as an introvert, I need down time. Alone time. Time to be, to think, to create, to rest. (Of course we all need this time - it's what Sabbath is about - even for extroverts.) I refuel by being away from people, especially lots of people. nd it's helpful to my "spiritual maturity" thermometer to see my inclination toward introversion as "contemplative." It is what it is, I suppose.  

However, sometimes my effort to find rhythm turns