It’s in You. And Your Team. Let’s Access It.

You know it’s good - your leadership, your team, your work, your life - but, there’s a gnawing sense that it could be better. More focused. More replenishing. More you.

I only have a few spots left

Personal Vision: Seeing What Can Be

We're laser focused right now on our 2016 Vision as a church - Granger Community Church. his past weekend our senior pastor, Mark Beeson, urged each of us to ask "What do I want to see different in my own life by 2016? How much more loving and patient will I be? How will I be more like Jesus?"

I reread an article I wrote some time ago and reflected again...

In Matthew 4.18-20… Jesus looked past Peter's fishing nets, the smelly boats, the sun-beaten face… and saw someone who was not wise by human standards; not influential; not of noble birth. And said, “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

Jesus' focus was on Himself, on His call, and His ability to transform. He was not focused on