Global Leadership Summit | Sam Adeyemi

Sam Adeyemi is a dynamic Teacher, Coach and host of the motivational program – SUCCESS POWER – which airs on radio and television stations around Africa and in Europe. He is passionate about teaching Success, Leadership and Financial principles through seminars and the media. He is in high demand as a speaker internationally. His teachings have motivated, encouraged and spurred on loads of people to start or advance their careers and businesses.

He has authored several books including the best selling – Parable of Dollars. Others include “Ideas Rule the World”, “Start with what you have”, “Sex Straight Talk” and “Second Revolution”.
He also pastors the Daystar Christian Centre in Nigeria with a vision to raise role models in the society. And he is President of the Daystar Leadership Academy through which he helps professionals and entrepreneurs to cultivate excellent leadership skills.

Drawing on the disillusioned start of his church 22 years ago, Pastor Sam reminded us that real and sustainable transformation begins with helping people experience a sense of new identity. 

This new identity is not new, rather they have not lived into their truest self. An individual bases his/her identity on their circumstances, the voices of people who have given them labels based on behavior, economic status and environment. 

Sustainable change is not about cosmetics, it is about a change of the heart. 

What a person sees and hears over time, enters his/her heart and life goes on auto-pilot.

Providing a change in what people see and hear will, in time, get into their heart... and true identity can be embraced. This happens in these ways: 

  • Describe your vision over and over. New identities should be found in the vision.
    • I'm wondering...
      • How will I describe people? How will I speak to them as they will become? Am I seeing who they already are? Am I recognizing their "today" value and worth and uniqueness?
      • How will I treat people - employees, teams - as they will be, as though they are already are?
    • Sam asked us to REMEMBER: The leader is not there because he/she is important, but because the people following are important.
  • Set up a structured training system.
    • I'm wondering...
      • How does the training help people become who THEY are... and not merely creating people who are the people we think they should be? 
  • Model transformation.
    • Walk the talk. Be consistent. 
  • Reinvent yourself over and over. 
    • I'm thinking...
      • This cannot be about changing our identity, but rather it is about learning and continual becoming - in order to be our Truest Self.

Sam's vision to call out the best in people; his vision to not merely look for the already-arrived leaders, but to believe in, trust, develop and care for people who bear God's thumbprint to LOVE, to BE, to be Difference-Makers.