Global Leadership Summit | Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham is a British author, motivational speaker and business consultant. Basing most of his writing on extensive survey data from interviews with workers in countries around the world, he promotes the idea that people will get the best results by making the most of their strengths rather than by putting too much emphasis on weaknesses or perceived deficiencies.

WE learn nothing about excellence from failures. Only by studying excellence can we learn excellence. 

  • 8 questions/conditions in Excellent Workplaces:
    • Purpose
      • WE: The team is really enthusiastic about the mission of my company
      • ME: I clearly understand what is expected of me
    • Excellence
      • WE: On my team, I am surrounded by people who share values
      • ME: I have the chance to use my strengths every day at work
    • Support
      • WE: I know my teammates have my back
      • ME: I know I will be recognized for work I do
    • Future
      • WE: I have great confidence in my company's future
      • ME: I always feel challenged to grow

Great leaders integrate BOTH the WE and the ME. We tend to think of WE considerations most often, but without the ME questions we miss serving people as the individuals they are. 

The single most important and bottom-line learning after 25 years of research, is this:

Leading is understanding the talent and work of each individual and how we help that individual make their significant and unique contribution to the team.

This can be accomplished by Frequent Strengths based Check-ins about Near-term Future Work, asking two questions: What are your priorities? How can I help? 

None of us, none of us wants feedback; we want attention, we want coaching me get better.