Global Leadership Summit | Laszlo Bock

Laszlo Bock is an American businessman who was formerly the Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google, Inc. Prior to joining Google, Bock served in executive roles at General Electric, as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, and in various roles at startups, nonprofits, and in acting.

Bock observed that at the 14-15 different jobs he held, what was consistent was that each organization had a gap between stated values and actual, functional values. 

He ventured into HR because of those disappointing experiences. Reflecting on his time at Google, the principle and practices that made GOOGLE successful is universal.

The most important thing - Give your work meaning. And as a leader, it is to provide an environment where work has meaning for every employee. 

For work to have continual meaning, the reasons why, the joy of the work MUST be communicated over and over and over again. Meaningful work is defined as meaningful when teh experiences at work

1. Figure why you are doing the work you're doing - remind yourself every day.

2. Ask people around you: why are doing this?

3. Listen to stories face-to-face from those who benefit from the work your'e doing.

4. Do this over and over and over again.


  • Organizations miss the foundational truth that people are innately good. Believing this will breed trust in the people working for us and with us.
  • One practical expression is to invite the team to post / share their present goals, fostering connection around shared goals to fulfill the WHY.
  • Inviting people to voice what needs to be fixed, followed by empowerment to provide solutions communicates VALUE and TRUST.
  • Give the staff more FREEDOM - to the point of feeling uncomfortable about the freedom granted. 
  • LISTEN to ideas generated from the freedom - and say "yes, do it!"


  • We hire poorly because we make immediate judgements that we spend the rest of the conversation time looking for things that affirm our original thoughts.
  • Don't let the people who are responsible for hiring, do the interviewing.
  • Commit to hire someone better than yourself; someone you can learn from.

Then - over and over and over and over - do this. 

Do your people right and they'll do right by you.


Bock left Google recently and is launching a new initiative called HUMU