How Do We Respond to the Joy of Human Life?

My last post centered around how we respond to the LOSS of human life. Honestly, sometimes we don't do so well. 

Today's focus is the flip side. The redemption side. This is pure JOY.

This past weekend one of our artists shared vulnerably and transparently a piece of her story. Just 5 years ago she was in a dark place of depression that led her to the edge of a bridge where she intended to end her life. 

But that didn't happen. 

Here's a snippet from Taylor in her own words from her social media post: 

This past weekend marks a big step for me as I was trusted with the opportunity to give my testimony to my entire church. Not only that, but I dove into a few topics that our society is very hush hush about- Suicide and Depression. Preparation for it was difficult. "God, how much or how little do you want me to share? How deep do you want me to go?" In the end, I know He'd only want me to be as real as I could, so I just focused on that. Yes, I wanted to take my own life one night many years ago. Yes, I was so far into a depression that there didn't feel like any other way out. But I'm still alive and healthy today because God had other plans for my life, much higher and beautiful plans than I could ever dream of for myself. I said it this weekend in my testimony and I'll say it again- When you feel unwanted, God says "I want you." When you feel like a mistake, God says "I actually have a very specific purpose for your life." And when you feel unforgivable and unfixable, God says "Your sins were already hung up on that cross with me a long time ago." If you've been through something similar to this, I'M GLAD YOU ARE HERE. THE WORLD NEEDS YOU. I can't stress that enough  [National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255] 

I'm grateful for every story of hope and joy and life because of the grace of God... because any of us accept the reality of his radical acceptance and unconditional love. 

Thank you, Taylor, for sharing a part of your story with us. I'm grateful you're here. 

Listen and view Taylor's story in this past weekend's complete service. Her story will be in the first worship set. 

What's your story? How have you experienced hope - even joy?