Open Door. Narrow Window. How Could We Partner?

I receive multiple invitations each year to consult and train off-site with other churches and conferences. I love partnering with other ministries who want to improve their serve in embracing and connecting new people with Christ and our local churches. My door is wide open - let's talk!

However, my first responsibility is to my local church - Granger Community Church - where I serve as executive pastor. Because Granger is my priority, I must limit the number of invitations I accept to travel off-site. So the window of opportunity to partner is limited.

That said, 2015 is just about maxed out. I'm stoked about some fresh initiatives at GCC that are requiring my focus, time and energy! So, I am opening a minimum number of opportunities beginning January 2016. I’d love to work with you and your church or conference in any of the following ways:

  • Consultingevaluate guest services, connecting environments, team function and make recommendations to improve
  • Secret Shoppingvisit “under the radar” and provide feedback and recommendations for enhancing your weekend experience
  • Trainingprovide on-site workshops in areas of guest services and connections for staff and volunteer teams

Read this for a more thorough description, outlining how we can work together.

Contact me here or by email:

Regardless who or how - I hope you're doing all you can to improve your serve as you welcome to your church, people who matter to God!