Life in Art | Strength in Doubt

by Liv Waltz | mixed mediums on wood

by Liv Waltz | mixed mediums on wood

Our daughter, Liv, recently captured my wife, Laura's joy in oil on an antique wooden crate. In spite of Laura's journey (nearly a year now) through cancer, treatment and the lingering effects of the disease, her strength has inspired thousands. 

Liv's simple prose happens to be a beautiful reflection of a weekend conversation we're having currently at Granger Community Church

It's okay to be tender, to be gentle, to hide sometimes, to not know. 

It doesn't mean you're not strong.

We tend to think that tenderness is weakness. That gentleness is spineless. That hiding is running. That not knowing is risky, too vulnerable and messy.

The truth is - to be strong is to persevere...while feeling weak, overwhelmed, sensitive...even afraid. 

Doubting actually co-exists with trust. Doubting accepts that God is God, while not knowing how God will go about being God-like in our circumstances. Doubting acknowledges that God knows something we don't know, while at the same time acknowledging our fear. Doubting takes us into hiding sometimes, only to discover that God is there with us in the darkest of places. 

Laura, you still inspire me. Liv, you reflect your Mama's faith, trust and beautiful humanity with eloquent talent. And, Father, you embrace each of us... right where we are.

There is Room for Doubt.

By the way - the conversation continues this next weekend at GCC. Check out previous messages here. Get service times and locations here.