Partners in the UK

Milton Keynes Christian Center, UK

Milton Keynes Christian Center, UK

Last year the good people of Milton Keynes Christian Center, just outside London, invited me to join them for a few days of training, including an all-day workshop with their teams and area churches. My wife, Laura, and I have anticipated this partnership (as well, as the rare opportunity to take in the history and beauty of their region) for months now. 

It's here! We leave this week to join lead pastor, Mark Sherratt, associate pastor, Billy Ritchie, and their amazing team. Before we even get there, here's what I love about MKCC:

  • Their values are clear and courageous:
    • We're passionate about people
    • We're committed to community

    • We're moving towards maturity

    • We're saved to serve

    • We're forgiven to forgive

    • We're given to generosity

    • We're bringing our best

  • They love their community

    • They have opened their campus for business and city to maximize their efforts

    • They are creatively and constantly initiating ways to give to their city

    • They are wiling to "go the distance" to embrace their people

  • They believe in equipping, empowering and praying 

    • They frequently invest in their staff and volunteer leaders

    • Training is normal and expected

    • Prayer covers their new and existing leaders

    • They trust and celebrate their leaders

MKCC is already a partner - with me and Laura - and Granger Community Church. We share many of the same values. Our mission is the same. Our belief that people matter shows up in how we go about ministry. We're so excited to spend the next week learning, equipping and sharing life with this impressive staff and amazing church!

If you are in the area in the UK, it's not too late to join us for a day of guest services training this Saturday, 8 March 2014. You can learn more and register here

Check out these additional training opportunities in the states:

  • If you're in the states and you live in the Northwest, contact Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, WA about training there on Saturday, March 29, 2014. 
  • If you want to experience a day of guest services training onsite at Granger Community Church, check out this April opportunity (yes, we're working on having the snow cleared by then).
  • Are you a pastor or director leading assimilation, connections, and/or guest services in your church? Are you up for some personal coaching with a small group of peers? Check out this network coming this fall.

To explore training opportunities onsite at your church or in your community, connect with me here.