Saying Goodbye to My Friend, Bob

                     Bob Casto and his bride of 31 years, Lori

                     Bob Casto and his bride of 31 years, Lori

My phone rang early this morning. I heard the sad, sad news I knew was inevitable: my friend, Bob Casto had slipped peacefully from this life to eternal life. 

I know he wasn't just my friend; he was our friend. And a great friend he was.

  • Bob lived life through his relationships. First and foremost - with his best friend and wife, Lori. What an inspiration they both have been! A love like theirs is rare.
  • He still called his mom frequently. In fact, over the past few days she was still "Mommy" to him.
  • He cherished his sons and their wives and maintained contact with them every week. He respected them and counted them friends as well as family.
  • He remembered the concerns of other people and followed up by praying and asking how things were going. If you knew Bob, you were cared for and you knew it.
  • And if you were close to Bob, you got an equal dose of sarcasm (always followed by a hearty laugh) and genuine care.
  • His Facebook posts displayed his love for others and revealed his joy expressed in music, coffee and a balanced budget. 
  • Bob loved Jesus - and still does. He lived who he was...a servant, a man chasing hard after the character of Christ, committed to give his life away for the sake of others. 

Bob was one of the rare, if not only guys, I gave up an hour of sleep to connect and share a bagel (well, we didn't actually share the same bagel, but...). We swapped many parenting stories and learned much about begin a dad over an early morning cup of coffee.  I'm sure for the number of years we met almost weekly, we solved many world problems, thanked God over and over for our wives, and talked about what it means to relationally care for people - in and out of "church-world."

I love you, Bob. And I miss you. I thank God for you.

I'm a better person after traveling with Bob. We all are. 

I'm praying for Lori, their two sons and their wives, Adam and Meg; and Josh and Alyssa, as well as Bob's mom, Pat. I trust you'll join me in those prayers.

P.S. - Below are confirmed service arrangements as promised earlier today.

Memorial service celebrating Bob's life: Tuesday, March 25th, 8am at Granger Community Church, 630 E University Dr, Granger, IN

Bagels and coffee reception immediately following. 

Interment at St Joe Memorial Park: 10:15am