The Gospel. Scandalous Grace.

There's a reason we affirm and sing the phrase "amazing grace." But it's almost unbelievable how unamazingly we treat grace. The Gospel Grace. God's grace.

What's so amazing about grace is that it is absolutely scandalous. It's not reasonable. It's not fair. It's supernatural.

  • An adulterous king is declared to be "a man after God's own heart." 
  • A man who gave his wife up as his sister for sexual relations with another man was "the father of many nations."
  • A prostitute makes it into the genealogy of Jesus Christ. 
  • A pastor named Gordon fell into moral failure years ago and today he and his wife are mentoring, serving and leading young couples and leaders with integrity.

The list goes on and on. It's the story of the Gospel of Jesus.

Look in the mirror. What's your story? The whole story.  Is God's grace amazing... or what?

Of course...

  • If you're still trying to muscle your way through -- grace doesn't seem so amazing.
  • If you're excusing behavior, justifying sin and denying it's impact on your life and the lives of others around you -- grace is mocked and minimized
  • If you're thinking everyone else is better than you; that you don't deserve God's grace; that you're just not good enough --then you set yourself up as though you're beyond the reach of God's grace.
  • If you think you're all that and a bag of chips; you've "got this" -- grace is for others whose lives are really messed up.

I take the amazing out of grace when I forget WHO GOD IS. I discount the wonder of grace when I forget WHAT GOD HAS DONE. I miss the life-changing impact of grace when I don't tune into  WHO I AM (because of who God is and what he has done). And I live a life void of holiness, void of love when I forget WHAT I DO (because of who I am and what God has done out of who he is).

When I behave as though I don't need grace, or I refuse to live in the wonder of the Gospel, or I discount what it calls me to; I miss out on God's abundance AND I judge others, I make demands on them, and I have little patience for their journey

God's grace is scandalously amazing.  The Gospel of Jesus is foundational to our lives as humans in the Kingdom. I don't deserve his forgiveness. I can't fully comprehend his love for me.

And I can't live without this amazing gift. 

Neither can you. 

It's why we're launching a all-new discipleship focus in just a few weeks at Granger Community Church. Check out Life Foundations here. Invite a friend and register today.