Convenient for Whom?


This is an ink pen. Its base is wrapped with a hair tie. Can you see what's bound in the hair tie? Yes. That's human hair. Hair that was held by the tie before it was wound around this pen. 

Convenient, I suppose. When you're finished with the tie in your hair, just wrap it around the pen you're using until you need it in your hair again. To each his - or her - own. 

I suppose that's fine - unless the person using the hair tie is a restaurant server and she hands her pen to her customer to sign their bill. 

That customer was me. Convenient for her. Disgusting for me. I dropped - maybe I threw - the pen on the table and asked my wife, Laura, for hand sanitizer and a pen. Gross.

It's easy to live in Convenience World. We don't intend to impede on anyone else. We just don't think

This was just a pen. But, think about the conveniences we hang on to, maybe insist on, without thinking how it impacts someone else. Say...your church guest or your neighbor.

  • It's convenient to park in the main lot     closest to the door. You're serving after all! And you must be on time (It     would have been inconvenient to leave earlier.). However that convenient     parking spot could have been a guest's easy to find spot.
  • It's convenient to find my friends and catch     up. But if that's all I do, I miss the opportunity to welcome and engage     someone new to our church.
  • It's convenient to rush out of my     neighborhood and just wave to my neighbors. But I may be missing     relationship and a chance to communicate care with my time.
  • It's convenient to ignore the turn signal on     the car next to me and not slow down to let the driver in front of me.     But, it might be a small way to defer, to care, to be second.

How is your convenience creating a not-so-great experience for someone else?