Post-it Prayers for a God-sized Vision

Jacob and Liv (our daughter and her boyfriend) posting their prayers.

Jacob and Liv (our daughter and her boyfriend) posting their prayers.

This past weekend hundreds made pledges to fund the next two years of our 2016 Vision at Granger Community Church. And as those pledges were made, thousands of us wrote simple prayers for people, places where we live and parts of the project that most grip our hearts.

People can cheer for a vision... and expect someone else, anyone else, to go after it and make it happen. "They should." Whoever "they" are. People can rally behind a giving project... and let everyone else fund the dream.

But this vision is ours. It was birthed and written by the people who call themselves Granger Community Church. Its first two years were funded by our people. And the next two years are no different as we Raise the BAR. We'll continue to activate our campuses - in Granger, LaPorte and Elkhart. We'll open a new campus in the next two years. We'll retire more debt. And we'll employ staff and initiate processes to make disciples.

This weekend thousands took personal ownership writing the names of friends & family, work places & neighborhoods, parts & parcels of the two-year project. We wrote them on post-it notes and posted them on every campus. We committed to pray. To invest. To love.

We're expecting miracles. God-sized miracles.

It's not too late. Join us this next weekend. Here. Or connect online.