Get Unstuck

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I've been stuck before. I lost a shoe in knee-deep mud one summer in a sloppy, rain-drenched cornfield. I've needed help getting my car out of a snowy embankment - more than once. Sometimes I need someone to shape perspective for me in family, ministry or relationships, because I'm too close to see what I need to see.

Ever been stuck? Maybe you're stuck now.

If you're leading guest services teams in your local church - or need to develop such a ministry - make a trip to Granger, Indiana next week and let's get the mud out of your spokes and get things moving.

In this one-day workshop you'll learn how to make great first impressions that last. Discover ways to:

  • Build your team from the ground up, based on the experience you define.
  • Cultivate volunteer "wow-makers."
  • Keep things like announcements, communion and the offering from distracting your guests or making them feel like outsiders.
  • Determine the "rules" your church has, even if you don't know them yet.
  • Experience hands-on training that will empower your volunteers.
  • Communicate the message of God's love before the message is ever preached. 

Maybe the ministry area you lead has more to do with kids or communications. We've got that covered too. Check out all three options for a day of "getting unstuck": guest services, kids, communications - right here