Learning at Exponential 2013


his week I'm in Orlando attending the Exponential Conference with my bride, Laura, members of my multisite team: Gene TroyerDan VukmirovichNyke Gatlin and his wife, Nichole, as well as Granger teammates: Mark Beeson, Rob Wegner, Jack Magruder and Tim Stevens. There are a variety of reasons why we're investing time and resources at this event.

  • Team matters. ravel time, shared meals and all the little moments are as important as the learning. Team is cultivated and enhanced because we do what we do together. Whatever it is we do. 
  • Learning is constant. e're intentional about learning. We stop learning; we stop growing. We stop growing; we stop leading. Leaders learn. 
  • We're investing in our vision. Our 2016 Vision at Granger is narrowly focused on taking our disciple-making to a whole new level over the next couple years. The focus of this conference holds conversations and content we need to help us take our next step as a church.
  • We're one church in multiple locations. We want each of our sites to live out of one identity. One shared vision. One core DNA. We'll immerse ourselves in discovering fresh expressions in our various locations round one mission. This week will help us do just that.


While we're here Mark, Rob, Jack and Tim will lead thousands here in some learning we're already experiencing at Granger Community Church. They inspire me - every time I get to hear their teaching. This week will be no different.

If you're from GCC, pray for our team to bond around our shared vision. And pray for the rest of my team back home - my connections peeps who are serving faithfully. For the rest of the Granger staff team who are doing the same.

If you're not from Granger, maybe you'll find us and say "hi" as we engage with thousands of churches being planted and grown around the intentionality of Jesus-centered disciple-making.