Making Preparation at GCC-Elkhart


This weekend GCC Founding Pastor, Mark Beeson, kicked off a new series: Raising the BAR. It was both inspired celebration of what God has done through the people known as GCC and a convicting vision of preparation for the thousands God is bringing to us.

Mark observed, "Too often churches operate like air traffic controllers, deciding who gets to come, who gets included." But not at GCC. We don't decide. The invitation is open to all. The broken, the bruised, the hopeful, the hopeless, the hurting, the hurtful, the offended and the offender. The invitation is open to all. And as we welcome them into the family, helping them find a place of belonging; we'll all need to be ready to help disciple, to journey together, to mentor and love. Thousands are coming. 


I participated on Sunday at our Elkhart location where site pastor, Gene Troyer, and director of arts, Don Reynolds, are leading through our shared vision, asking how will we be ready for the hundreds - even thousands - God brings to us in Elkhart county. Will we add more services? Establish more sites? Raise up scores of coaches / mentors to make disciples? Our people in Elkhart are getting ready, asking, "What price will I pay? What will I do, how will I change to be ready?"

The vision this week was set in the context of God-focused worship led by Joanna Beasley (Martino) and her band. It was a taste of heaven! She'll be at our Granger campus in a couple months!


It was a treat to see so many friends at GCC-Elkhart on Sunday; it was exhilarating to see so many new faces I did not know. God is bringing them. They are coming!