People I Want on My Guest Services Team | #9 - Interesting People

Steve, Wayne, Tom & Andy of GCC's Traffic Team

Steve, Wayne, Tom & Andy of GCC's Traffic Team

I'm closing in on the final posts in this series. Here's #9 in a list of my 10 People I Want on My Guest Services Team:

  • Interesting People: people who draw others to themselves because they are appropriately interesting

Yes, this is extremely subjective. For instance, after reading my posts for a few days you may not find me all that interesting. Who, after all,  gets to decide if someone else is interesting? What's the criteria for determining how interesting any of us are?

Try this approach. Think about the last time you went home from a service, a party or a sporting event where you personally met someone new, someone interesting. After you were home you were still thinking about them. In a good way. Perhaps some of these things happened for you:

  • You told someone else about them.
  • You found yourself wondering when you might bump into them again.
  • You sensed that they thought you mattered.
  • You wanted to learn more about them.
  • You enjoyed their sense of humor.
  • You appreciated their demeanor - confident or humble or jovial or sensitive - you liked their personality.

Even if you didn't hear their life story or meet their extended family or flip through their high school year book, you found them interesting. You were drawn to them - for whatever reason.

Interesting people.

They will help your guests feel warmly accepted. They will bring a sense of aliveness among your team and culture. They will allow your guests to go home sensing they met someone who genuinely cared, who would be great to know better ... someone they'd love to return to your church and see again.

I want those people on my guest services team.