People I Want on My Guest Services Team | #6 - Excellence-Champions


This is #6 in a list of 10 People I Want on My Guest Services Team:

  • Excellence-Champions: people who see, hear, and feel what's excellent and take initiative to fix what's not

When I experience an appetite-suppressing, nauseating restroom at a restaurant, I consider the entire staff to be negligent. I don't really care who's job it is to clean - someone, anyone, everyone on the team should care enough about the guest's experience to get a bucket and some Lysol and get busy!

When someone at your church or mine can't find the right kid's room or finds no tissue in the restroom or trips over the rolled up door mat - someone on our guest services team should spring into action. In fact if the right people are on your team - people who see, hear and feel excellence or the lack of it - they will see that these experiences don't happen. They'll anticipate, be on the look out, and work a plan to see that every guest who needs help is assisted, the tissue is stocked and the door mat is flat.

Some things you can teach. You can train someone to answer the phone, you can show someone how to use the database system, you can help someone listen more actively. People can be taught what to watch for, how to correct and prevent service delivery gaps. However, if they don't appreciate excellence; if they don't understand that it honors God and inspires people, they'll only work off of the list you give them. They'll watch the tissue stock, the wandering family, and the door mat. 
But, they may miss other opportunities for improvement. They may miss the traffic congestion, the ringing phone, or the spilled coffee.

Excellence-Champions think of people. They think about experiences. They understand what it is to communicate value to people through excellent experiences. So, they anticipate, they prevent, they own the opportunity - and the problem.

...because people matter. To God, and to us.

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