People I Want on My Guest Services Team | #10 - Missional People


Alas, the end of this list: People I Want on My Guest Services Team. I'm sure this list could be longer than a Top 10; maybe 20, 30 or even 100. But you see the period of time just ten characteristics took to post.

However, we have arrived. Number 10:

  • Missional People: people who reach out to those who are seeking God

Our mission at Granger is "helping people take their next step toward Christ... together." Ultimately, I want mission-focused people on my team. I want missional people who...

  • understand we're all on a spiritual journey toward God
  • embrace the mission to create an atmosphere conducive to taking steps toward Christ
  • accept their role in the missions process - create a safe place, extend accepting relationships, affirm people right where they are... not all of us will "harvest"
  • are clearly focused on others because their search matters, because their Creator says they matter

Technique, personality, professionalism aside - people who understand the missional objective to acknowledge and encourage steps toward Christ will contagiously impact the team's focus as well as morale. These folks will help carry and communicate the vision.

People who are on mission - our agreed mission - will energize your team and keep first things first for guests.