People I Want on My Guest Services Team | #4 - Image Savvy People


Here's another characteristic I want in those who are part of our guest services (or first impressions) teams at Granger Community Church:

  • Image Savvy PeoplePeople who look in the mirror before they leave the house

Perhaps at first glance this sounds shallow or externally focused. Well, externally focused it is, shallow it is not. There is this constant tension in the outward-oriented, evangelistic church: create diverse opportunities for Christ-followers (and the unconvinced) to express their uniqueness as they serve AND maintain excellence from the perspective of the newest guest who do not yet share our faith and family values. More simply put: many who can sing won't sing from the weekend stage; many who teach in other environments won't teach an adult class; many who love people will not serve as a greeter or usher.

And some who won't serve as an usher or greeter will not do so, because they simply lack a presence and appearance that immediately endears others. Our guests are asking one of just a few questions as they approach our campus (or yours) for the first time: "Are there others here like me?" or "Will I fit here?"

So some fashion sense is necessary. Some level of appropriate pride is needed. Without shifting their focus onto themselves as though serving is about them, I want people who look in the mirror before leaving the house fully aware that scores of people will see that reflected image today. And as they look in the mirror I want them to ask themselves, "Will people want to meet me today?"

Final analysis? I want to be pleased about meeting them that day, too.

Here's a question I'd love feedback on: How do you make sure that you're going to see what you want to see in and on your team?

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