Still Crazy After All These Years


This is my bride, Laura, of 31 years. No, today isn't our anniversary. But, I'm celebrating her anyway. We met 35 years ago in high school. I had my eye on her for a couple of years, but she was beyond me. No way she'd want to date me. She was a good friend of my sister, so I finally avoided all risk and begged my sister to tell me what Laura thought of me. Would she go out with me?

Like I said, that was a couple decades or more ago.

Today, we're best friends and passionate lovers (with each other!). Here are 27 reasons I'm proud and grateful to be your husband, Love:

  1. You show me what grace looks like. I see Jesus in you.
  2. You are faithful. Period. Ups, downs, dark and sunshine - you've been at my side.
  3. You make me laugh. You're one funny lady!
  4. You made a beautiful baby girl with me.
  5. Your voice on the phone closes the physical space between us.
  6. Your vocal talent inspires me.
  7. Your gifted worship inspires thousands.
  8. You're organized. I need you.
  9. You've never met a stranger. I need you.
  10. Watching you with your friends makes me smile. You understand friendship.
  11. You always look smashing! You're the queen of accessorizing!
  12. Your willingness to share you with me - your heart, your fears, your hopes, your questions. It honors me and us.
  13. Your common sense logic is soooo necessary in our marriage.
  14. Your coaching of Liv is brilliant.
  15. Your trust-filled relationship with her is mysteriously wonderful. She's so fortunate.
  16. You help me be honest. I hate it, need it, love it.
  17. You pray for me. Thank you.
  18. You cheer for me; you want the best for me; you call it out of me.
  19. You take the party with you!
  20. You love being with me - shucks. And, thank you.
  21. You show me the value of family with your parents and family.
  22. You are so responsible, so diligent, so tenacious, so full of integrity.
  23. You help me laugh at myself.
  24. You support not only me, but what I'm doing, what I'm leading. You share it with me.
  25. You are radiant! You glow! You're freakin' hot!
  26. You really do put the sizzle in our, er, bedroom. It's true. That's all I'm saying, but it's true.
  27. You are a brilliant writer. You're rediscovering your hidden talent. Soon others will know what I know. 
  28. You think of the tiniest things and make 'em a big deal. You're so thoughtful.
  29. You remember. Everything. Mostly, that's really good.  
  30. You still say "yes" to me. You choose me again. Today. I'm so blessed. 
  31. You share the covenant with me to grow old together... 'til death us do part.

I'm looking forward to celebrating over the next several days with you, Laura. Thanks for sharing life with me! I thank God for you!