Innovation: Exploring Sequence - An Update


My last post was about using a creative process I hadn't tested. And get this - this topic had to do with sequencing steps. I crack me up.  

Just hours after posting the idea, I led my connections staff team through the exercise, creating some of the process on the fly. The result? Crazy creativity, fresh ideas and engaging conversation. The process was so helpful, we extended our meeting an additional half hour and decided to continue the exercise in our next weekly meeting. In fact, some of our ideas overlapped the work of another team, so we've decided to pull our teams together in the next meeting. 

 If you're feeling behind, read my earlier post here, then come back...

Good? Caught up?  

Here's the approach we've taken so far:

  • Write each individual element, step, process on separate index cards. This was a joint effort, talking aloud as we wrote to avoid redundancy. 
  • We shuffled them all, threw them on the floor and wondered what to do next. (You could just shuffle them). 
  • We each scooped up a handful of cards, clearing the floor.  
  • Each of us worked independently to arrange our cards in an appropriate sequence, building stepping stones in the connection journey represented by the cards we held.
  • Each of us then read through our sequence of steps, explaining our decisions.
  • For each connection point, we brainstormed the various aspects that would create logical, accessible and inviting movement to the next step or element. 
  • Connecting gaps were revealed, because we each held a random, limited stack of steps. These gaps allowed lively brainstorming, identifying a variety of steps needed to bridge the gap, allowing movement to continue. 

This simple exercise...

  • challenges our tendency to operate based on what's always been.
  • has potential to tip sacred cows.
  • gives new angles and unique perspective on core objectives.

This process didn't mess with our objective. Our mission hasn't changed: we want to help people that their next step toward Christ... together. 

Whatever your team's deliverables are, experiment with this exercise. Give life to innovation by messing with sequence... with steps. 

Then, leave me comment; I'd love to learn from you.