Grateful You Were Born


I reminded Laura shortly after midnight - November 15, her birthday - that I am so grateful she was born. I'm a better person because God created her. Clearly.

Just hours prior I'd sat in the living room with a dear lady and her family and friends, talking about the wonderful memories of her 32 years of marriage to her man. He'd died suddenly of a heart attack just the night before. 

We don't get any guarantees. Every day is a gift. 

Next week Laura and I will celebrate 32 years of marriage. I hope we have at least 32 more. But, we get no guarantees. 

So, I'll tell Laura again tomorrow "I'm so glad you were born." I'm grateful...

  • for her courage. She's a fighter, a victorious fighter.
  • for her faith. It's tenacious, because she's learned He's faithful.
  • for her humor. It's fresh and sometimes comes with a bite. 
  • for her bald head. It reminds me of her courage. Plus she's freakin' sexy.
  • for her unconditional love. Believe me, I've tested it. Not intentionally. But she's loved me without expectations, without conditions. 
  • for her patience. She loves me unconditionally.
  • for her wisdom. She does have common sense, but her wisdom is deeper than that.
  • for her convictions. She is grounded. 
  • for her joy. it's contagious. Life is to be lived. It's what attracted me to her more than three decades ago.
  • for her partnership. We're in this together. As parents to a remarkable daughter. As warriors against cancer. As kingdom-bearers in our community.
  • for her friendship. She's just fun to be with. Good to be with. She gets me. She enjoys me. I so enjoy her.
  • for her commitment. She's solid. In our relationship. To our daughter. To the people in her life. To Jesus. To being who He made her to be.

I'm glad He did. I'm glad He made her. Created - creativity at work - her. I thank God for the day she was born.

Happy Birthday, Laura! I love you!