Chemo Crud. Courage. Community.

It's day six of the final week of chemo crud. That's what my wife, Laura, and I have not-so-affectionately labeled the week following chemo treatments: chemo crud week. It is cruddy.  

In case you missed it - Laura was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer this past July. This past Friday was her final chemo treatment. Chemo crud sets in no later than day two after the treatment and lasts a little longer with each treatment. Hopefully, last night's nausea and subsequent vomiting won't last more than another couple days.  

Everyone sees Laura after chemo crud week. When she's happily engaging conversation at our church building, Starbucks or elsewhere in our community. It's truly remarkable to see her smile. To experience her genuine worship as she leads us with the arts team. To admire her strength and courage.  

I see her as she is now. Completely wrung out. Nauseous. Achy - from her shoulders to her toes. Tired of laying in bed, but too tired to be anywhere else.   

And I still see her strength, her fight. it's quiet; not as bold to the onlooker. But it's there. She's still clinging to Joshua 1:9... 

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

He is with us. And I've not seen Laura stronger. From start to finish she has been courageous and God has been faithful. Yes, forty or so radiation treatments will begin in a couple weeks, taking her into early January before this is completely over.

But. This is the end of chemo crud. What a journey this has been.

Thank you to every person who has prayed, sent Facebook messages, posted Instagram wishes, tweeted concern, provided meals, offered hugs, walked beside us and loved us. God has shown up in your care. He has given courage through your faith. He has carried us through another - the final chemo crud week through the community you've provided. 

Thank you.