I Don't Want to Press 3 for Service

It seems that when an organization is faced with staffing challenges, the need to operate more efficiently, or simply to address a potential problem, the tendency is to create as little change or hassle as possible for the organization. So, the change, and often the hassle, is passed on to the end user: the customer, the guest, the human on the other end of this would-be relationship.

What is the current challenge for your church or organization? 

    Broken Systems Break Service


    I've had some unbelievable customer service experiences that left my head spinning. So have you. You know those experiences that leave you asking, "Did that just happen?"

    I have a very good friend who recently encountered "one of those." Her cell service suddenly went south: missed calls, no rings, no voicemail, inability to virtually use the phone as a phone. What follows is the actual chat conversation. "Sprint" and "Eva" are the phone company representative. "You" is my friend, the bewildered customer.

    Sprint: We received your information and will connect you with a Chat Specialist soon.

    Eva J.: Hi.

    Eva J.: Thank you for contacting Sprint. I am happy to help you.

    Eva J.: Please hold a moment while I access your account.

    Eva J.: Thank you for waiting.

    Eva J.: Please let me know the complete address of the location where you're getting the issue.

    You: (Address provided)

    Eva J.: Ok.

    Eva J.: Please allow me a moment to check the details.

    Eva J.: Thank you for being online.

    Eva J.: I understand that you are having the network issue in your area and you are not able to use the phone services. I am sorry for the inconvenience you have gone through. Its a known network outage in your area and we have already reported it to our technicians and they are working hard to get it fixed. Its in the final stages of fix and is expected to be resolved very soon.

    Eva J.: The Estimated Time of Resolution (ETR) updated by our technical team is: 06/22/2013 19:00:00 CST

    You: I beg your pardon? I will continue to have virtually NO cell phone service until JUNE? That is not "very soon"

    Eva J.: I understand your concern but the Sprint is working on to upgrade it's signal strength, so you're getting the issue.

    You: I appreciate that "the Sprint" (where are you writing from anyway?) is working to upgrade it's signal strength but I am having serious difficulty accepting that I will continue to be billed for a service that is virtually unusable.

    Eva J.: I am sorry for the inconvenience experiencing by you but it's a technical issue and resolving by our technical team.

    You: Eva J, this is not "inconvenience". This is paying for a service that is not working. What would you do if you were in my place? You're telling me you're sorry but not giving me any options. As I see it, you are essentially telling me to find another service, is that correct?

    Eva J.: I understand your concern and if I were at your place then may be I would have also reacted like the same.

    Eva J.: The upgradation is for the betterment of the services and you'll get the credit for the known outage systematically.

    You: I appreciate your time but this situation is unacceptable. I no longer have access to a land line at home which makes my cell service reliability imperative. You are leaving me no option but to cancel my Sprint service and sign on with another carrier.

    Eva J.: I can assure you we are working to not only fix it, but improve your overall customer experience in the area.

    You: Yes, I hear you saying that, but what you're also saying is that I will not have dependable service until June of this year. That is not acceptable.

    Eva J.: As your calls are dropping, so I can offer you 100 anytime minutes for free and when the services gets corrected then you'll get the proactive credit from the system automatically.

    Eva J.: Is there anything else I can assist you with today? 

    You: Sorry, I'm at work and was answering my other phone.Ok, so your offer is to give me 100 anytime minutes? You already know, if you have my account in front of you, that I pay for unlimited minutes so this offer has no interest for me. My only interest is in having dependable service. Can Sprint provide me with dependable service by Monday, April 1, 2013? If not, I will need to cancel my service with Sprint. Can I do that with you or must I contact another area?

    Eva J.: Yes. You have free minutes on your account but the anytime minutes can be used to call on landline numbers.

    Eva J.: I am sorry but I cannot confirm you that you've updated connectivity and network on and after April 01, 2013 and the account can be closed by our accounts team only, so we can arrange a cancellation callback from here or you can also contact our Account Services team directly at 1-888-211-4727. When you call, select option 2 to make changes to your account then press 5 to cancel.

    You: I will do so. Thank you for your time.

    Eva J.: You're welcome.

    Eva J.: Thank you for choosing Sprint - we appreciate your business!


    When systems prevent serving the people we're set up to serve, our systems are broken. When anything - anything - gets in the way of people experiencing the Story of Jesus in our churches, something is broken.