If I Care at All, I Can't Look Away.

As I write this, nearly 300 children are on our campus, playing games, climbing rock walls and learning that God loves them. It's what any child should be doing this summer. But it's not the reality for too many children - in our world, and right here at home.

I'm talking about human trafficking.

In the state of Indiana (my home state) last year the youngest reported victim of human sex trafficking was 7 years old. 7 years old. My eyes involuntarily close when I type that. My heart breaks. I want to turn away from my own writing like I've done too many times when the image of a starving child appears on my TV screen. But I can't look away

27 million people are estimated to be trafficked worldwide, producing $150 billion (U.S. Department of State). And it turns out the Midwest - the Crossroads of America - is a hotbed for this ghastly crime and victimization. I can't look away.

Last week I attended a community information meeting...