Why You Can't Be Responsible for Everyone

I’ve always cared about the journeys of other people. Years ago, serving as a youth pastor, I was concerned about “my” students learning, maturing, and owning their faith. As a pastor overseeing “connections,” I served with a team implementing a process by which adults could find relationships through "groups" and volunteer opportunities. I didn’t rest easily until everyone had made those connections. When I managed a retail clothing store years ago, I also cared about the job performance and personal lives of my team. 

I still care for people. I still feel responsible. But not as I once did. And I’m really happy about that. 

Safe Space. Real Journey.

This past weekend my wife, Laura, was invited to be part of a small panel for a conversation during the 11:00 am Gathering at our church. And — she was invited just 10 minutes prior to the start of the Gathering. This wasn’t about poor planning at all. Rather, a woman who had participated at the earlier Gathering time had become ill and was unable to serve on the panel at 11:00 am. So, our friend, Beth Graybill (who has taught, hosted and led discussions beautifully through our recent Everyone an Icon series) made the ask.

I’m grateful for Laura. And I’m grateful for South Bend City Church. Here’s why.