Independence: At What Cost?


I hope you'll watch the above video - if only for the lyrics. 

I want to see the LOVE. The all inclusive Relationship of God - the Triune God washing over all created beings. We can demonstrate his LOVE. We can embrace relationship the way GOD created it. We can see each person - every person - as a life that matters (every person - regardless of their country of origin or their faith). 

How do we understand and define our rights? How do we understand our freedom? How do we understand LOVE? How do we value American lives above the lives of others?

How do we recognize our friends and our loved ones and those we don't know - who risk their lives for a cause...and at the same time grieve for human lives lost...on both sides of a conflict, any war?

How will we celebrate the 4th of July? Will we wrestle with the real cost of freedom? Will we celebrate only with "American pride" and call it "Christian freedom?" 

Will we worship "American Christianity?

Do we understand the message of the cross of Jesus? Really? How will we live it out? How will I live it out? Today. In my world...where every person matters.

Do we grasp the message of LOVE

Do I?