What Story Will You Tell in Your Next Chapter?

photo credit: glenn carsten peters

photo credit: glenn carsten peters

It’s amazing how many stories revolve around the main character striving to live in the present, while mired in the circumstances of their past. Batman - The Dark Knight Rises; Marty McFly - Back to the Future; Dom Cobb - Inception. The list goes on. 

It doesn’t just happen in the movies. It happens in our lives, too. Maybe you’ve lived this plot line. Yesterday’s storyline threatens to define tomorrow’s reality. You hear voices, telling you…

  • It’s probably going to get worse.

  • I am who I am - who I’ve always been.

  • It’s true: I don’t have what it takes.

  • I don’t have the talent everyone else has.

Or maybe you find yourself thinking…

  • It can’t get any better than it’s been. Or can it?

  • I’ve met my goals, but it’s still not good enough.

  • I’m at the pinnacle of my game. Is there more?

Regardless whether the storyline behind you is one of success and accomplishment or confusion and disappointment, it can seem that the past is the present and will be the future. Perhaps as you look at your successes, you long for a way to fill something inside you. Maybe as you consider your disappointments, you hope there’s more, but you’re not sure what or how. Living with a gnawing feeling that there’s more can leave you drained and discouraged and stuck, even when you’re working as hard as you can. 

It’s time to get PERSPECTIVE

  • Take inventory.

  • Pause to consider what is actually true.

  • Where are you…really?

  • And how did you get here?

  • What are your essential skills?

  • What are those abilities that, when exercised, bring fulfillment and results?

  • What gives you reason to live? To work? To be you?

When you get this kind of clarity, you can create a PLAN, your plan.

  • A plan for your future.

  • A plan that is unique to who you are - and where you want to be.

  • A plan that helps you move from influence to impact.

  • A plan that, if you work the plan, it will work.

Getting to ACTION is always easier with a guide - someone to come alongside and call out the best… to call you to your best. 

I can be that guide for you. Through the proven, personalized Paterson Process LifePlan you can get perspective, develop your plan, take definitive action and live the life you were intended - even created - to live.