Let's Work Together


Everyone has a story. And every story matters. In fact, I've been seeking to understand my own story more clearly. 

For 35 years I’ve invested in people. I’ve led teams in local churches, non-profits and retail environments. I’ve honed my skills in executive leadership, customer / guest services, coaching and life planning. Today, I’m still serving as a pastor with Granger Community Church, but I’ve gotten clarity about how my passion for people gets played out in my next chapter. 

With the blessing and support of my lead pastor, Mark Beeson, I’ve launched a new effort to leverage my love and care for people - people like you and people you know.

  • I want to help churches or other organizations serve their guests with excellence and care, developing a culture of belonging.

  • I want to help individuals dig into their story to discover their unique voice, core talents and values, so they can live and lead with freedom and focus.

  • I want to come alongside individuals, offering coaching around theiragenda to develop, not only in their roles, but in the wonder of who they are at their core.

I’d love to explore how you and I could work together to maximize your influence. I believe...

  • Your organization matters. Whether church, non-profit or business, it exists to meet real needs of your members, guests or customers. Imagine moving from guest satisfaction to guests who are loyal - enough to own and spread your mission.

  • Your leadership matters. Your influence has encouraged people who trust you. Imagine leading in a way that empowers and equips others because you trust them - and they know it.

  • Your story matters. Your life has significance to people you know and people who know you. Imagine connecting every season of your life to unleash passion and focus from your most true self.

Let’s strategically shape the future of your church or business. Let’s intentionally train your people. Let’s get real and maximize your leadership to care for others. Let’s purposefully connect your whole story in your next chapter. Because People Matter.

If you’d like to chat, you can connect with me through my website or use my online calendar to setup a phone call with me. 

Maybe you know someone who might benefit from connecting with me. Please, share this post with them or pass along my re-launched website: BecausePeopleMatter.com

My schedule is opening up with a full-time focus on training, LifePlanning, and coaching over the next few months. Let's do something together that will maximize your influence... because people matter.