Embracing & Expanding Your Corporate Identity


I'm still processing a question posed to marketplace businesses in a recent INC. article. Senior writer, Ilan Mochari, suggests we ask ourselves, "What business am I really in?" He writes:

Had Starbucks, at any point, convinced itself that it was strictly in the coffee business, it might never have ventured into the realm of music. Likewise, had Apple, at any point, convinced itself that it was solely in the computer business, it too might never have ventured into the realm of music. And Amazon, as we all know by now, has become far more than a book retailer. In fact, the Wall Street Journal has reported that Amazon is workingon a pilot program to do its own deliveries in the so-called "last mile" from distribution centers to consumer/business addresses.

I know, I know. The local church is not Starbucks, Apple or Amazon. I also know we are criticized for adopting "business" practices, but that's another conversation (For now, I'll just say - get over it. If similarities result between church and business because we strive to be responsible to God and people... well, leadership is leadership.)

Back to the question.

What if what we do as the local church is actually more than growing the local church?

  • What if we accepted that we are disciple-makers?

  • What if we lived fully as conduits of the hope of Jesus Christ.?

  • Does our scope of opportunity get stifled by our traditional understanding of our identity

  • Did LifeChurch.tv merely live in their identity as a local church when they created the bible app, YouVersion?

What might change in your approach, your audience, your vision if you dreamed about who you really are and who you could be?