A Prayer for Guest Services Volunteers



Today at Granger Community Church - and at churches throughout the US and around the globe - there will be thousands of volunteers giving their time and talent to be "Jesus with skin on" to millions of guests in our services.

Give them your eyes to ee people as you see them: as treasures, created beings with great worth and value.

Give them joy in their own eyes so they naturally extend that "I'm so glad to see you!" look to everyone they meet.

Give them words of welcome and appropriate curiosity in others to lead engaging conversations that accept people right where they are.

Use them today to help someone else take their next step toward Jesus.

And help them experience your favor as they serve.

Help them sense your delight in them. For who they are, not merely what they do.

Help them know they are accepted by you too - right where they are.

Thank you for these willing, self-sacrificing men, women and students who share the message of your love before the sermon is ever preached.

In Jesus' name, Amen.