Pharisees, Denney's, & Discipleship

Courtesy Surge Network

Courtesy Surge Network

Larry Osborne, senior pastor at Northcoast Church challenged the audience of shake-up-the-norm church planters to be cautious of the risk of becoming accidental Pharisees.

He noted that in our exuberance to rush to the front of the Jesus-line, we easily begin to look behind us at those who aren’t where we are and we judge and despise them. We risk projecting the conviction on our own heart as judgment on people who aren’t where we are.

We forget that we had to learn. We deny that we experienced the long suffering of our Savior while we processed, dragged our feet and didn't "get it" for seasons in our own life. He warned: Lying in wait at the front of the Jesus-line is pride.

In fact, becoming an accidental Pharisee is like dinner at Denny’s: No one intends to eat there, they just end up there.

We must allow Spirit to do His work in people's lives. He changes lives. He leads their journey.