People I Want on My Guest Services Team | #8 - Servant-hearted People

photo credit: Cornerstone Catering

photo credit: Cornerstone Catering

You've heard it - "It's not my job."; "I'm not doin' that!"; "I've already put in my time". You've heard it from the clerk at the service station, a customer service rep on the phone... maybe even at church. This list isn't rank-ordered, otherwise this characteristic may have appeared in the top three or so of this list.

#8 on my list is:

  • Servant-hearted People: people who understand it's not about them; they do what they do to serve - both guests and fellow-teammates.

Around Granger we've been making transitions from vocabulary that church people use to vocabulary that everyone understands. Effective communication is about clarity. Clarity is about the primary message getting through. We don't want anything to stand in the way of the message of Jesus, so we're intentionally reviewing our language, so we communicate with clarity.

Kem Meyer and her peeps have formed an effective communication team who are helping the rest of us get it. Shifts like: volunteer expo not ministry faircommunity not fellowshipnext step not go deeper. You can read more about some of the subtle but critical changes we're working on. How we communicate really matters.

All that said... today I was in a conversation working through the difference between volunteer andserve. We've begun to use the word volunteer lately. You'll notice it on our website. It's common language. Everyone knows what it means. And it's an easy first step for anyone. Who doesn't volunteer their time somewhere?

However, I don't want people to be around Granger for too long before they begin to be introduced to the concept of serving - rather than volunteering. People who merely volunteer can do so with a sense of willingness to "help you out". And that's great! A vision is required for people to volunteer. But, the vision for the difference Christ can make in the lives of people requires sacrifice. It requires servants.

I want team members - in guest services or any other team - who willingly see beyond themselves. Who understand that the message we're striving to make clear is about Jesus - not them. Servants who "get it", who are being changed by the love of Jesus focus outward, toward others. Fellow teammates and guests are deemed worthy of attention, personal attention.

When servant-hearted people serve people will know they matter to God... 'cause they'll know they matter to us.